Give Back Yoga
What is Give Back Yoga?
From the inception of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, one of its primary focuses has been sharing yoga with veterans. They are one of the few organizations supporting free yoga and meditation resources that can help veterans and their families to heal from the traumas they experience through deployment. To date, they have sent free resources to more than 20,000 veterans around the world.
And we are doing our part here at Center for Positive Living Sedona.
We are offering a 10 week Giveback Yoga class for veterans. Research finds yoga participants have greater muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness (Harvard Medical School).  
Yoga is helpful for veterans with PTSD (VA National Center for PTSD) and many other conditions. Others may attend for a $5 donation to the Center for Positive Living.
The instructor for this class is Guy Lamunyon, Registered Nurse, Army Psych Mental Health Nurse Retired, VA Mental Health Nurse Retired and NAU Clinical Psych and Research Nursing Instructor. Mr. Lamunyon is a Certified Yoga Instructor (Expert Rating) and Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
This 10 week class is a basic yoga class (beginners). The first class is Sunday, June 11th at 1PM. Wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat or large beach towel.
The Center for Positive Living is located at 45 Castle Rock Road near the Chevron Station. For more information email Guy Lamunyon at


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