Message and Music Designed to Encourage Dreams, Transform Lives, and Reveal Love



What You Can Expect          

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00am at 45 Castle Rock Road, Unit #1A in the Village of Oak Creek.  We are a few driveways past Desert Flour Bakery.

Our Sunday morning "Happy Hour" talks are masterfully delivered by Rev. Dr. Janet Kingsley unless otherwise specified. Dr. Janet is a gifted speaker who relies deeply on her connection to Spirit.  Her talks are relevant, inspiring, and humorous.

Gatherings are intimate (less than 20 people) and are designed to transform lives, build dreams, reveal love, and help us remember the Truth of Who We Are!


2017 Annual Theme: Values-Based Spiritual Living

             (Being Spirit on the Scene in 2017)

June 2017 Theme: Courageous Living

It takes courage to reconnect with what’s important in your life. It takes courage to live more joyful and fulfilling lives. It takes courage to clarify your vision and life goals. It takes courage to awaken your inner strength and self-esteem needed to reach your dreams. It takes courage to discover your own unyielding passion, purpose, and boundless creativity. This month we will explore various components of courageous living and unleash our courageous self!

June 4, 2017: The Courage to do the Right Thing

Steve Jobs gave sound advice when he declared, “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.” We need to courage to follow our own heart and intuition, which is always the right thing.

June 11, 2017: The Courage to Live Like a Pencil

This morning we will uncover five ways we are like a pencil. Hint: we can correct our mistakes, we leave our mark, we can become better with sharpening.

Music by Jeanie Carroll

June 18, 2017: The Courage to be a Father

Fatherhood is relational. As with so many basic truths, relationship is found through all of creation. We live in relation to ourselves, our families, our workplace, and our world. Through the clarity of our thoughts and beliefs, we generate our own life experiences.  So in a very real sense each of us is father (parent) to our own lives.

Music by Jeanie Carroll

June 25, 2017: The Courage to Align with our Values

Most people do not dream big enough. Most people give up on their dreams too early. Most people get disillusioned too quickly. When we realize that with God, all things are possible, we can gain the courage we need to align with our values and dreams.





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