Rental Opportunities at CPL Sedona


Are you looking for a place to hold your next lecture, class, or workshop? Are you looking for a place that is affordable?  We may have the solution!

We have a small sanctuary with 35 chairs and a platform stage. You can rearrange the chairs in a circle, a semi-circle, or even stack them up to have room to move around a bit. The room is approximately 20' x 30'. The acoustics are good and no microphone is needed in order for everyone in the room to hear. However, we do have sound equipment that can be rented for an additional fee. 

Our rental rate is $15/hour plus a refundable $50 deposit.



In addition to the sanctuary, we have a classroom-type area that is about 15' x 30'. We have 3 banquet tables and you can bring in chairs from the sanctuary and place them around the tables for a class that needs tables. Or you can fold the tables and have more space to move around.              


Between the classroom and the sanctuary is a small passageway with a small counter and rest room.


Our rental calendar is located below. To inquire about availability please email us here.  

Facilities Use Agreement and Application


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