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We are a Spiritual Community where all are welcome. Our goal is to create a safe and sacred place where an individual can discover his or her own spiritual path and personal purpose. Our beliefs are in harmony with the basic tenets of the world's great religions that teach love. These beliefs are grounded in the Universal Principles that all thought is creative, that there is One Power behind all things and that this Power is found within.
We are a loving, safe and inclusive spiritual community, based on the philosophy of Science of Mind®.  We honor all paths to God and provide tools to help transform your life and help make the world a better place.
Our Statement of Purpose
Transforming Lives.  Building Dreams.  Revealing Love.
Our Mission
Center for Positive Living Sedona inspires transformation, encourages dreams, and helps create amazing lives by providing spiritual tools and applying the teachings and philosophy of the Science of Mind.
Our Vision 
Center for Positive Living Sedona is a welcoming and loving community that contributes to the transformation of the planet through the transformation of the individual…one heart at a time.  We teach practical spirituality and believe that God is everywhere present and within all people.  
We are the premiere New Thought Center in Northern Arizona. We are a vibrant, inclusive community and an inspirational resource for spiritual awakening, personal growth, excellence and service. This loving community welcomes all people without exception in dignity and love. We are a spiritual oasis where hurts are healed, relationships are strengthened, bridges are built, dreams are encouraged, and love is experienced. We are a healing/teaching center empowering people through practical spirituality; we transform lives as we practice and demonstrate Religious Science Principles and recognize each person as a unique expression of God. We fulfill our vision in the following ways:
  • We are a place where the passion of the heart meets the wisdom of the Spiritual Genius within us all, joyfully awakening and honoring the splendor of our divine nature by revealing the Love and Oneness of God. 
  • We recognize and experience the Presence of God in ourselves and others through love, prayer, action, music and celebration.
  • We are a community of individuals who nurture and encourage one another as we live by a shared commitment to spirituality, love, vision, community service, education, caring and compassion.
  • We offer educational opportunities that are transformational at the level of the individual, the community and the world.
  • We use spiritual mind treatment to reveal the Presence of Spirit within ourselves, our community and all who seek our support and guidance.
  • We are a financially healthy organization, committed to the principles of tithing and the full expression of prosperous living in all of our affairs.
Our Values
INTEGRITY: We make a personal commitment to appropriately express our Divine Authenticity.
LOVE/COMPASSION: We hold people in high positive regard, listening deeply to them and seeing God in all.
SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: We create a nurturing and supportive space for transformation into a deeper experience of the Divine.
RESPECT: We value and treat every person as an individualized expression of God.
TRUST: We create a safe environment through honest communication and responsible, dependable action.
PARTICIPATION: We include and invite everyone to walk their unique spiritual path. We create and grow a dynamic and loving community.


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